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Welcome to the Alliance!

Or "SUPER GALAXY PROTECTOR ALLIANCE" for all those too "macho" for princesses.

Art from the gift exchange! Please check them out!

And if you're participating, remember to do your part as well! ;D

:star: Participants and their wishlists: :star:

:snowflake: 01 Meibatsu
From Syreneln !
Seiren And Vera by Syreneln

:snowflake: 02 Atey
From Enthaga !
Atey's XMAS gift plus an apology by Enthaga

:snowflake: 03 aegis-of-justice
From DarAeryll !
A Giraffe, a Fish and a Snake are going to enter.. by DarAeryll

:snowflake: 04 SAmaryllis
My character refs can all be found here~…
1) My OC doing a wintery/holiday activity with your OC!
2) Pokemon AU with my OCs (I drew 2 things once upon a time , and I was also gifted , but you can headcanon anyone/anything you want c: )
3) Missy with her two doggies… &…

:snowflake: 05 Japanda-Draws
From Atey !
SGPA gift exchange 2015 by Atey

:snowflake: 06 Enthaga
From SevenObessed77 !
Enthanaga Gift Fic: CPUsA regal figure, wearing white and gold robes, with purple accents laughed mockingly. The Team was splayed about on the ground, all looking at him with resentful, menacing glares.
“So these… children were the ones sent to try to stop me from completing my glorious purpose? How pathetic and insulting! Their mentors can’t be bothered to fight me because they have to maintain the so-called Justice League image for the public!”
He snorted.
“So, the mentors are busy, maintaining the image and trying to keep the peace, while their sidekicks deal with the actual threat. What an interesting plan… if it wasn’t so pathetic.”
The Team continued to scowl.
“Sheesh, they weren’t kidding about this Dysley guy… he really is determined to kill us all!” Kid Flash admitted, forcing himself on one elbow.
“But why?! What does he hope to gain by killing all of these innocent people?!” Aqualad wondered.
“I suppose the ti

:snowflake: 07 isi-a
my ocs: March | Night Hunter | St. Noelle
1) my ocs + yours playing in the snow or doing other winter activities together
2) my ocs in cool outfits or haute couture
3) night vs your oc (in a fight or sparring)

:snowflake: 08 Syreneln
From MyDearBasil !
SGPA winter 2015 by MyDearBasil

:snowflake: 09 LittleWhiteAngelWolf
From SAmaryllis !
DC--Echoing Defiance by SAmaryllis

:snowflake: 10 DarAeryll
From LittleWhiteAngelWolf !
Secret Santa gift for DarAeryll by LittleWhiteAngelWolf

:snowflake: 11 anatawa-kuroneko-des
From Japanda-Draws !
SGPA Christmas Exchange by Japanda-Draws

:snowflake: 12 LegibleGrub
From Meibatsu !
SGPA Gift Exchange 2015 - To LegibleGrub! by Meibatsu

:snowflake: 13 SevenObessed77
From isi-a !
SGPA Secret Santa by isi-a

:snowflake: 14 MyDearBasil
From anatawa-kuroneko-des !
SGPA Xmas GifXchange 2015 by anatawa-kuroneko-des

Gynx - LilWicky's Birthday by Syreneln G: LegibleGrub + AquAlannis by isi-a Christmas/New Years SGPA Video~!Sorry, I'm running late on things. I was gone for the holidays and only had internet on my phone, then I got sick because I'm dumb and didn't wear the appropriate clothes outside and then had to prep my book which as of today has been released. XD
I have my gift for the exchange to post(which I'm uber sorry I'm late with), TWO SGPA The Series Issues and this lovely video for y'all to enjoy.

To see the original Journal Entry for the Gift Exchange and the rules, please go here:


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This group is currently NOT accepting NEW characters because we have to do a lot of admin work to clean out old, unused characters and people who have left the group or deviantart.
I'll let you know when the group is reorganized and ready to accept new characters again!
Thanks for your patience!

Dec 25, 2015.


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Administrators are the Founder and Moderators.

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Members are people who are in the process of updating their character's profiles, have inactive characters, or just want to be part of this group. :>







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FieraHeart Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
In terms of "powers" what is available/not as repeated as often? I'm kinda thinking of making a character and also how often would we be on?
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A-p-p-l-e-j-u-i-c-e Featured By Owner May 7, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Sorry to bug the group people, but if I made a character who was a/the daughter of a certain Young Justice ship, would it be ok to be here? I want to check before I fill out anything just in case so I don't start drama and stuff in your group
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Atey Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2015
Hey all! There's still one slot available on this collab: I'm still waiting for somebody to take the last slot xD (don't force me to fill it with my own characters, lol... this is work team, people!)

Any villain is welcome to be part of this pretty image~
Dan-the-Wizard Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Howdy, It's me, DJ (once "Danni," but please don't refer to me as that, unless you change the i to a y)! I was just wondering if the group was still active and such and wondering how you all were doing! That's all! Have a nice day! c:

-- Dan
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SevenObessed77 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hmmm... part of me wants to submit a wishlist, but the only way I could really do something for the person I was asked to give something to is by writing it... hmmm... what do you think? 
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